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The board of directors and management team who head Newvest Recoveries keep the company at the forefront of this industry using a combined total of over 4 decades of industry experience and expertise.

They share a driven, results oriented approach to receivables management and this has ensured we always deliver sterling results. The success of Newvest Recoveries lies in its stellar recovery teams. We build our collection teams with the right mix of expertise, enthusiasm and loyalty because we know, only a dedicated team executing a concerted recovery action plan produces results.


Newvest Recoveries aspires to be the leading debt recovery agency in Malaysia. We constantly innovate, while delivering the highest recovery standards in the industry.


Our Mission is to:

  • Newvest Recoveries is aggressively and rapidly making our mark as a key player by maximizing recoveries for all of our clients.

  • We employ human capital who are innovative, dynamic and success-driven team players.

  • Our clients are partners who have target-specific recovery expectations. We must always go all out to exceed these expectations across any business sector.

  • We invest, incentivize and retain human capital who are integral to our business.

  • Strive to cultivate and promote a strong organisational culture built on teamwork and performance.
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